Monday, September 8, 2008

What's For Breakfast in Your House?

I'm not sure, but I can tell you what it is in mine!

A little while ago, MH disappeared from my bedroom, where we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I heard a little movement in the kitchen and then things got quiet. A little too quiet if you know what I mean.

I ran out to investigate and much to my utter shock delight and surprise, there she was sitting at her little table playing with Play-Doh.

Like a complete angel.

As in, I actually felt bad for assuming that the silence in my house meant mischief.

Just 4 days of preschool and we're already making progress - normally I need to beg her to play by herself for a little while.

Anyways, she just informed me that she's making breakfast.

Just a plain sandwich with nothing on it.

Just a grilled cheese with bread, regular butter, and pickles.

Oh, and a little caffeine at the end.

You know, Mommy. Just a plain sandwich.

She is just full of gems this morning.

I love days like this -when the imagination is already in full swing.

But perhaps I refrain from the discussing my coffee IV idea when she's around?

MH, when did you learn about caffeine?

8 Fabulous Replies:

Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed when my boys want "Just a plain sandwich".


life is good during these easy moments;-)

Marla said...

hope you are enjoying your days of pre-school...
stop on by... i have some love for you...

Carol said...

I adore this age!! I just am astounded every day by all the stuff they're picking up on and learning.

Mamasphere said...

Silence in the house freaks me out! My daughter is always up to no good, and getting better at it every day.

Laura said...

LOL...she sounds like my kind of girl! Thanks for stopping by my page. Now I get to enjoy yours :)

Chelle said...

Hey--that is my kind of breakfast!

What a cutie. And a coffee IV?

Fab idea!

4funboys said...


plain is good darlin'...

Wendi said...

Love it when the silence becomes
"entertaining yourself"
instead of
"chaos ensuing".

I hear you about the kids have been known to ask for caffeine as a beverage.
Do you think they heard me reference needing my "caffeine fix" too many times?