Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please help a sister out!

You know how my blog title is Mommy Learns to Blog?

Well, I think I'm doing a pretty good job, considering.

Some of you even noticed that a while back, I figured out how to make my posting area bigger.

But what I want more than anything in the world (ok, maybe not anything in the world, but I do want it really bad), is a third column.

Seriously, it would make my blogging life.

And I found a tutorial on Google that would supposedly let me do this (it's the same one that showed me how to increase my blog posting space).

And while I followed each and every step, alas, I have no third column.

I am frustrated.

I don't want a whole blog makeover.

Just another column.

Can anyone help?

I would be happy to offer a reward.

I don't know what, but name your price.

I will be forever indebted to you.


12 Fabulous Replies:

Poppy said...

dearest daughter, at almost 62 years of age, I am lucky I can turn these blasted computers on. I would love to help you out but....

Tenakim said...

It is VERY confusing and I must admit, I needed help. Like you- I tried, followed the directions and it didn't work. But I must say, I prefer your larger text- nice and easy to read!

Wendi said...

I. got. nothing.
I tried.
It didn't work.
I called Krystyn to do it for me.
Maybe she could "Splain" it to you.

Life with three is better!

We must schedule a chat soon...I have missed you my Facebook friend!

Elaine A. said...

You can talk to my pal Karen who redesigned my blog a while back. She just recently added a third column for me! : )

The link to her design site is at the very bottom of my blog... or here... !

Sorry I am no help but it's just better to have someone do it for me! : )

Marla said...

rachel... i went with Wendi's suggestion of Krystyn because i too wanted the 3 column and did nothing but make a mess... she was excellent, fast, and didn't break the bank... contact her fast... she is having a bay soon...

i'm am'll love her...because wendi said so :)

Marni said...

Ummmm...hello? Did you forget that I TEACH THIS FREAKIN' STUFF to COLLEGE PUNKS? :) hehe - Just kidding. Let me at that template and I'll get it to work for ya!

The White House said...

Sounds like you got the hook up from Marni. There is a lot of helpful stuff on this site:

Including how to do a three column thing and how to change your header.

The Mom said...

I did my own and Tenakim's...if you don't get it worked out let me know!

Patrice said...

I had this problem, too. I tried super hard to do it myself! I worked for hours with no luck, so finally, I posted a cry for help much like this post! And Krystyn, who did my blog design, answered my call! She did it completely free and super fast without any problems, and it works great! So I am with Wendi & Marla, contact Krystyn @ Krizzy Designs!

Lipstick said...

I dunno. But I really like your blog though!!!

Krystyn said...

Um....I'm here! Seems like there have been some suggestions.

What will I work, money, baby stuff....but, seriously, let me know if you need my help...we could work something out:) Shoot me an email!

Megryansmom said...

Three columns = IMPOSSIBLE! I tried, I killed my blog, took my over an hour in CPR to get it back.