Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because Wendi ROCKS!

My dear friend Wendi over at Because Wendi Says So! doesn't know that she "learned" me something, but she did!

And she might be a bit nervous because last night I told her I had a post in mind that would be devoted entirely to her.

And I wouldn't tell her what it was about.

And she's leaving tomorrow for a trip where she will not have computer access for 4 days (the horror of it all!)

So Wendi, I hope you're reading - I didn't want you to be wondering about "the post" the whole time you were hangin' with all the kiddos (for which, of course, we expect full disclosure on upon your return).

You see, about a week ago, I noticed a familiar little symbol at the bottom of one of Wendi's posts.

Look familiar?

Posted by Picasa

It sure did to me!

And as rarely as this does occur, a lightbulb popped on in my little brain.

Were Wendi's photos uploaded directly through Picasa?

Could it be?

MY Picasa?

The trusty friend who finds every photo on my computer, lets me adjust them, play with them, and organize them to my heart's content?

The same trusty friend who just happens, as I suddenly remember, to be powered by Google?

So this learning blogger's mind starts racing.

She does a little test - racing to Picasa, selecting some photos, and clicking on the "Blog This" button.

And voila . . . a blog post, with all my pictures RIGHT THERE.

No uploading one at a time.

No fiddling around with the arrangement in HTML mode.

Just the pure joy of uploading my pics in one fell swoop and adding in my commentary.

Seriously Wendi, you know I love you, but You. Made. My. Day.

And you didn't even know it.

Now, I hope my passing on of Wendi's trick can help all of you other bloggers frustrated with uploading your pictures and getting them arranged with your text just so.

And if you don't already have Picasa on your computer? Well shame on YOU!

And if I am the moron for not figuring out this sooner (and the rest of you are sitting there scratching your heads saying, du-uh!), well shame on ME.

But, let's remember that I am just a mommy learning to blog!

Now, if someone could tell me how to get that accent mark over the "i" in voila, I'd be screaming with happiness from the rooftops.

12 Fabulous Replies:

Lindsey and Adam said...

I have the secret for you....
Are you ready? You have to promise to stop by my blog, though, ok? And leave me a comment....

I know how to put the accent over the i.
OK, hit alt and then e. The accent will be highlighted...let go of alt and type i.

Have a lovely day and remember what you promised! :)

Jill said...

See... now I learned something here! I don't have Picasa - but I may have to try it sometime!

Dana said...

Wow, if I had only known...

But really, you are one smart cookie! I bet you'll be posting more pictures now, huh?

Mamasphere said...

I HATE loading pics one by one. And they always mess up my code. I can't wait to try this!

Simply Shannon said...

Yes, Wendi does rock! Thanks for the advice! You can be sure that I will be giving it a try the next time I post pics!
I'll have to try the whole accent thing too!

Carol said...

I just saw the Blog this! thingy yesterday and wondered but didn't have time to check.

Excellent to know.

Wendi does rock though you're right!

Lisa said...

Shame on me - I must go get Picasa now!

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

So you "learned" me something new today! I am so giving that picasa thingy a shot today!


Elaine A. said...

Oh girl, you may have just changed my life forever...

Kristen said...

I think I am off to Picasa as well! Thanks for the heads up! :)

Lipstick said...

Oh, thank you! I can't wait to try Picasa!!!

Wendi said...

A post of my own?
With my name all highlighted and all?
And comments about moi?
I. feel. like. a. rock. star.
I had no idea what I had "learned" you...glad it helped.