Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Don't Bring Me Flowers . . .

You don't sing me love songs.

OK, not completely true.

Hubby does surprise me occasionally with flowers.

And quite frankly, I prefer the "just because" of it to getting them for a special occasion.

But The Mad Hatter seems to have come up with a much better way of doing things.

Such a good idea, in fact, that I think if she shared her idea with her Daddy, I'd get flowers all the time.

She's a one stop shopping source - flowers and vase at the ready.

And even some for Daddy!

And why was I so lucky to get these purple flowers on this specific day?

She does mention something about the alarm going off at Uncle Dave's - which did happen that day and made quite an impression on her as she was right there in the thick of all of it, complete with "dat nice lady who sitted wif me on da steps and maked me better" (aka police lady who came because the alarm company automatically calls).

She was completely freaked out by all the loud noise and for the next 2 days everything she said was punctuated by some random comment about the big episode.

I'm just going to assume that her little mind was in overdrive from the day's excitement.

She was all over the place that afternoon, and more full of chatter than usual.

Notice the "strawberries" she's eating? They came from Trader Joe's (on the way home from Uncle Dave's) and right before she gave me those flowers, we had a lovely chat about all the "cool stuff dey have at Trader Joe's - like tuna fish, and cookies, and bananas". I've yet to see a can of tuna fish at TJ's, but maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough.

After the video? She gathered many BLUE! flowers for daddy because he LIKES BLUE! flowers.

She was pretty adamant

Who knew?

Moral of the story: Mommies, if you want to receive flowers more frequently, get your kids to tell Daddy about the MH way. In this economy they're a great deal AND they never die!

8 Fabulous Replies:

Wendi said...

I will be singing that song in my head all. day.
I love that little clip.
What an imagination. should get flowers more often now.
And the best part?
You get to pick the color and variety.
How clever!

Marla said...

holy crap... i have that purse...the on your counter... i'm getting freaked... i wish i had found the time to come to the other side of the bay to meet up with you... next time i must

Jill said...

That is too sweet! BK (before kids) my hubby used to bring me flowers on a semi-regular basis. Now all I get is agita...


Sort of. :)

amanda said...

too sweet.

i just love listening to kids at this age talk :)

Jen said...

What a great imagination. I think I'd be happy if my husband brought me these kind of flowers. It is really just the thought that counts and if he took the time to dream up a beautiful bouquet and tell me all about it and why he picked them for me, I'd be (almost) as happy as I would if I had gotten the real deal.

PS Trader Joe's--dey do have cool stuff!!

Melissa said...

Very cute! Kendra is always giving me imaginary gifts and food. I get "birfday" cake almost every day! ;)

BookMomma said...

Love the chatter box!!! She is fabulous. Can I put her in my pocket??

OHmommy said...

So sweet.... I love when kids talk, this is the sweetest age. Isn't it?