Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

The true essence of the Mad Hatter, back from our annual Fourth of July party at the beach (which sadly I missed, having a "coma" day in bed after doing WAY too much yesterday, more on that at a later date!)

A tiara ("In case I wanted to be a princess")
Star glasses ("Because Sweetheart gave these to me") (and because MH has a sunglass obsession)
Red White and Blue festive lei ("Joe (party host) gived this to me because he did")
Fab new GIRLS RULE pocketbook from GiGi (Great-grandma who knows the way to my girl's heart is through a pocketbook/accessory of ANY sort!)


Hoping you all had a wonderful and safe holiday, and thinking of our many troops overseas and their families. We are praying for their safety and so proud of their courage and all they're doing for the country we are proud to call our own!

5 Fabulous Replies:

Wendi said...

Too sassy!!!

Happy Fourth!!!

Simply Shannon said...

The glasses totally make the look!

Mamasphere said...

I get such a kick when you say "pocketbook"! I don't think I've heard anyone say that since my great grandmother, who was raised in the South.

Anonymous said...

She is just too much!

McMommy said...

She is ADORABLE!! Hope you all had a nice fourth!!