Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who's the Boss?

The Mad Hatter is a music fanatic. If there's a beat, she's in motion. Most of the time, she doesn't even need the beat. We're convinced there is music in her head.

There are times in the car when DH and I just need a break from MH's "nusic". We like to expose her to other things besides her beloved Laurie Berkner, Sesame Street grooves, and the like.

For example, she is a huge fan of J-Lo's Let's Get Loud. Give her some Barry White and she goes nuts. And we all know how she feels about the music from the Hairspray soundtrack.

This weekend, we were flipping through stations on the way down to the beach. DH settled on a Bruce Springsteen classic, Dancin' In the Dark. As I was reminiscing aloud about how Courtney Cox got her start in his video when he pulled her up one the stage to dance in his video (I don't know about you, but I so wanted to be her in that video back in the day), I noticed that the MH was singing along at the top of her lungs. She had never heard the song before, but she had no problem adding in her own words and rockin' out in the back seat.

She asked us who was singing and DH told her "that's The Boss". From that point on, all we heard every time we got in the car was "I want to hear The Boss! When is The Boss going to come on?" And DH kept flipping channels, promising her that we'd find him. At one point we actually heard a radio DJ say that Bruce Springsteen was coming up in the next set.

You try explaining the waiting to a 3 year old who has a new rocker love. After every commercial, she asked us again. And of course, when the commercials were over, we listened to four songs before pulling into our driveway and sadly, did not get to hear The Boss. MH seemed so sad - she was so intent on hearing him.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the song itself. I think she just liked the sound of it. The Boss. She knows where it's at. As soon as we walked in the door, I downloaded a couple of songs for her. She was ecstatic, and I managed to get a little music video of my own - starring the Mad Hatter. The lighting isn't great, and you might need to turn up your volume.

Hey, maybe this is how she'll get her start!

I'd guess not.

However, DH went through our CDs and found that he had a Springsteen CD he'd forgotten about. He put it in his car and the two of them listened while they ran errands (and let me sleep) on Sunday.

And now all she talks about is how Daddy got her a CD with The Boss and it's special just in his car.

Aww, Daddy. Talk about being a hero.

Edited to add: wow, the picture is really dark (sorry about that). She is standing on DH's feet to dance, the way my dad taught her, and the way I used to dance with my dad. I love it!

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Lipstick said...

Oh that is so sweet! Hey, they know good music when they hear it. Currently, JBB cannot stop singing Bon Jovi...well his version which begins "shop in the heart, you're to blame"

Wendi said...

I just checked my reader.
It said you have 4 posts.
What is up with that?
When is that support group meeting?
You need a BA (bloggers anonymous)

I enjoyed this post.
Reminds me of my four year old.
Chad introduced him to Queen.
His favorite song to belt out at the absolute worst times was "Rock You!" I would share the stories... but I feel a post coming soon with them!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story. And what a daddy!