Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet Caroline . . .

Bum, Bum, Bum . . . Good times never seemed so GOOD (so good, so good, so good)!!!!!

Guess who is going to see Neil Diamond in concert tonight?



And just found out at 8:30PM last night?

Are you still wondering???

Yes, that would be ME and the hubs!!!

Thanks to two fabulous friends (one of whom works for the most popular local radio station network in RI), we will be heading into Boston tonight for what I am considering a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I mean, I grew up watching the Jazz Singer. It was and probably still is my dad's favorite movie.

For the longest time I thought the song "Forever in Blue Jeans" was about a reverend in blue jeans. It didn't make much sense at the time, but you know, it was Neil.

So my friend texted me last night - her husband was walking out of work when his boss handed him these two tickets (which they really aren't up to using). And even though he said he didn't need the tickets, the boss told him he was taking them anyways (a grand prize winner NEVER picked them up!).

And for some insane reason, my friend thought of US first!

Not that we don't love us some Neil, it just wouldn't be something I'd be going crazy to buy tickets for.

However, the offer made us giddy. We (DH and I) were on a date (MH's great behavior of late had earned her a special sleepover at Sweetheart and Poppy's house), madly texting everyone we knew to babysit (yes, I humbly admit that we were those people I normally scoff at).

I didn't want to have to ask my parents again, PLUS they are HUGE Neil fans and I felt sort of weird about the whole thing. I even asked my friend if I could take the tickets and give them to my parents (to which she said absolutely).

In the end, I called my parents and told them about the opportunity. After telling me she hated me (in pure love of course, my mom never uses words like this), she told me there was absolutely no question - they would of course watch their darling granddaughter again tonight.

I repeatedly offered them the tickets and my ever-gracious mother refused, telling me that this was something hubby and I should go and enjoy, because truly, when will it happen again?

And you know what makes my parents even more amazing (and will thrill MH to no end)? They are taking MH overnight AGAIN. You know, because we'll probably get home late and this way they can go to bed whenever they want.

Mom and Dad, we owe you in a big way. HUGE. You've made our night and will no doubt make MH's night (especially since you have "all those princess jammies" for her) - a two night in a row sleepover? Sheer happiness.

But watching Neil perform Sweet Caroline AND America in the middle of the Big Green Monster - priceless!

Well, I'd love to chat more, but I must go shower and figure out what to wear . . . we leave in one hour, 7 minutes, and the hubs is already on me . . .

I will definitely report details ASAP!

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Poppy said...

Rach honey, it my third all time favorite movie AFTER "Conan The Barbarian" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" - RIGHTTTTTTTTT !!! - just enjoy the show :)" - we luvs ya

Mamasphere said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to see him in concert- I know all his songs by heart!

Dana said...

Awesome! You can't beat free tickets! Have a great time and be sure to fill us in....

Marni said...


Have fun! :)

Krystyn said...

Have a great time! And, how lucky you are that your parents are close enough to help out.

Anonymous said...


Angelique said...

I hope you had fun! A g/f of mine flew to Boston this weekend for that same concert. I'm a little shocked that there are such die hard Neil Diamond fans out there! lol

Wendi said...

Sounds fun...we want details.
And photos.